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Penn State trustees finally do something

The Penn State trustees fired the legendary football coach and the university president in a night that will go down in history.

It was a dynamic role reversal. For years this board has been yes people to everything the administration wanted.

Did anyone ever oppose anything? Occasionally, but they were in lock step with hardly a debate in them.

Welcome to a new era. The trustees are finally governing. And they better. They have a nightmare on their hands.

They might be off to a good start with their moves, but they've been so secretive in the process that they won't even say where they're meeting. Track down the trustees and you win a prize.

Between their secrecy and Penn State's total shutdown of information, this is the classic wrong way to deal with a disaster.

Penn State's entire information system is paralyzed, so the only thing coming out about the university is negative. Hour after hour, day after day.

How many PR people are over there? Are they working? Can they share something good happening,on a campus that has plenty going for it. Or can they at least return phone calls and emails. I assume they're still receiving pay checks.

No, it's been the sounds of silence all week and it's not helping Penn State.

The trustees, while they make necessary changes and finally get aggressive, better start an information flow. It's time to come out of the cave.