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Were PSU trustees in a cave?

I've been fascinated with how Penn State trustees have been blindsided by the Jerry Sandusky case and the columnists who say there wasn't warning past the initial story, published at the end of March in the Patriot-News. 

Hello? The journalists writing that could make a call here. That initial Harrisburg story was published in the CDT also. And the Associated Press sent out a story worldwide on the initial report.

That report, by Sara Ganim, revealed an active grand jury investigation into Sandusky, the fact that Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier and others from Penn State had been before the grand jury to testify, and the existence of two cases involving victims.

That ran on Page 1 of the Patriot-News, the CDT and countless other papers. Months ago.

I remember vividly hearing from some readers that by publicizing a grand jury probe we ruined Sandusky's reputation for life. Some sent letters to the CDT. The Second Mile distanced itself fast.

If we know any prominent person is being investigated by a grand jury, we'd run a story like that. And perhaps that story sparked more Sandusky victims to come forward.

Nobody could have known the scope of what was coming this month, or the fallout, but the Penn State trustees should have been aware of an active investigation into Sandusky. Unless they were in a cave.