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Someday, you hope, Penn State will figure it out

Well here we are, after a one-man coaching search yielded success and Penn State failed the communications test at every level.

Did they learn anything from the start of the Sandusky case? Clearly not. It doesn't look like their high-powered PR firm understands anything either.

Why would Penn State say there's a task force working with Dave Joyner when it was clear he and the inner circle were picking the coach all along. Were all of the commitee members in the Bill O'Brien interview? No. Were some of them? Who knows?

Why couldn't Joyner meet with football lettermen at the start of this process, to hear them out. Penn State will make the decision it has to make, but why can't they involve their own?

Why does Penn State take 24 hours to tweet a hire that's reported aggressively around the country since the day before? Joyner can't tell the coaches who the new coach is at his meeting Friday afternoon? Are you kidding me.

Joyner has a lot to learn about commuinications, but so does Penn State and they clearly don't get it.

Rod Erickson's memos on the university image, coming out two weeks after Sandusky headlines, show that it's the same old, same old in Old Main.

Oh we're not No. 1 in web searches? And by the way donors can't get their money back. And nobody should talk, remember that.

Erickson better have answers when he visits with alumni next week. Alumni want to be involved, they want to know what is going on. They are a loyal as an alumni group can be. But they feel burned and angry and it's not hard to see why.

The trustees should address every question at their January meeting, in an open and honest way. And many of them should pack their bags and leave what is a mess of a board so new blood energizes it.

You think that Penn State at some point will figure this all out. It hasn't happened yet.

What we see is what we saw before the Sandusky case broke. And that's not good enough.