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PSU denials are getting old

Memo to Penn State's high-powered PR firm: Talk to those in charge and tell them to face up to knowing a grand jury was investigating Jerry Sandusky.

Any denials at this point are not believable.

Penn State President Rod Erickson said Saturday that he was not aware until the presentment on sex charges came out.

That cannot be true. Graham Spanier, Bill Mahon and other top university officials knew. Erickson worked next to Spanier.

This news ran on Page 1 of the CDT the same day it broke in the Patriot-News, in February 2011. The Associated Press sent out a story.

The issue continued in the CDT in updates and in letters to the editor and columns. Some readers called every day and wrote letters. The Second Mile sent a column distancing itself.

The issue also played out in two columns by a journalism prof on another web site, questioning whether we even should have published it.

Erickson may have missed one or two items, but he could not have missed this issue. There are papers all around Penn State's campus every day, free for student pickup.

The denials are old. It's time to face facts. I hope Erickson does not deny this to alumni.