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The only answer for PSU trustees

Since the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke in early November, the discontent has come from many and the questions have been varied.

But constant -- more so now -- is the anger and disgust with the Penn State board of trustees.

Last night, when a Pittsburgh alum said the entire board should step down, the crowd roared at President Rodney Erickson's town hall.

He answered it well, saying the board will make its decision, but that clearly wasn't enough for the crowd. They want answers from the board, and they want the board out.

Some boards and officials would see the writing on the wall. The trustees? i doubt it. They've been playing their own game for years, answering to nobody and doing essentially nothing.

It is outrageous that this board wants to keep status quo in the executive committee. They clearly don't get it. 

These trustees should realize something very soon -- they must come to Happy Valley next weekend and provide direct answers to what they knew and why they acted they way they did in early November.

And then many of them should begin packing their bags. It's way past time for revolutionary change in trusteeland.