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Online reading with you

After today I'll move on to a new job as executive editor of the State Journal-Register in Springfield, Ill.

It's been great fun and I salute the staff at the Centre Daily Times. They'll do well from here on.

They are widely read, as traffic on this bustling web site soars. It's not unusual for 5,000 or 10,000 or more people to read a story or look over a photo gallery. And those numbers keep growing.

Some readers think that 150 comments are a lot, particularly when they lean one way or another. Not so, really, given that the story may have 15,000 or more page views.

What that means is there are many, many readers who did not post a comment. They simply wanted to read the story.

When I leave Happy Valley next week I'll join you in reading online. I probably won't have much to say in the online forums, but I will be interested in what happens in these parts.

Best wishes to all, and thanks for your readership.

-- Bob Heisse