Cops took him to his house — then he stole a car because he 'needed a ride home,' police say

Screenshot from WPXI11

Shortly after he was arrested and accused of possessing marijuana and alcohol, Anthony Bittinger had another run-in with the law, police say.

The second time, the 19-year-old from Hempfield, Pennsylvania, drunkenly drove a stolen car and crashed into other vehicles, police told the Tribune Live. He faces charges of theft, fleeing from police and driving under the influence — and has an $85,000 bond.

The ordeal started just before 1 a.m. on Tuesday, according to a police report obtained by CBS Pittsburgh. Police say they found Bittinger with marijuana, a scale and tea spiked with alcohol in an alley and arrested the teenager for possession and underage drinking.

Officers drove the teen back to his home, police say, but it wasn't long until he wreaked havoc.

Bittinger stole a car about half a mile from his home and took it for a drunken joyride 90 minutes after his first arrest, police told WPXI11. He rammed into several other cars, police say, and ignored an officer attempting to make a traffic stop. The car stopped working, and the teen allegedly ran away.

He was subdued in a nearby yard and found to have a .118 blood-alcohol content, police told the Tribune Live.

According to a police report obtained by CBS Pittsburgh, Bittinger offered up this excuse: He "needed a ride home."

“I'm sorry I stole the car," he allegedly said, "but I didn't have a ride home."

He is set for two court cases on July 12.

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