Special Reports

Siding with the ACLU

I am a senior citizen and a staunch conservative and, not surprisingly, I despise rowdy parties. Recently, my daughter's home on West Foster Avenue was intruded and trashed by an intoxicated student. However, I oppose a rule that would hold a homeowner or an apartment renter responsible for the illegal behavior of his or her party guests.

In Nazi Germany, the "Sippenhaft" law held relatives and friends responsible for offenses of people who could not be arrested by the authorities, such as deserters to the enemy or people who fled the country. The former Soviet Union had a similar law.

It saddens me that State College politicians would even consider such a fascist and communist idea in holding a person responsible for somebody else's misdeeds, and I believe it would be irresponsible for the Borough Council to vote on this rule.

As a conservative, I am not fond of the ACLU. However, in this odd case, I appreciate its fight against this unconstitutional and un-American rule. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I treasure the freedom and the constitutional rights in America.

Such a rule has no place in our country.

Willy Kogelmann Boalsburg