Special Reports

Strengthen consequences

There is a simple solution to the problem of student drunkenness and all the ills it brings to our town and the university: Pass local laws and university policies against public drunkenness on campus and in town and strictly enforce them.

Create consequences that are significant enough to deter the unwanted behavior. For the first offense, the student is expelled from the university for that semester; the second offense, expelled for two semesters. For the third offense, the student is expelled permanently.

Penn State would no longer be the No. 1 party school. Students who want to party to excess would attend elsewhere.

Yes, the alumni with drinking problems will complain and may stop giving money, but in a few years there would be a base of alumni who would financially support Penn State because it is a top-notch academic institution and not because it is a party school where they can disguise their problem drinking under the guise of school spirit.

The solution is simple. The big question is, do we have the courage to make the change we all know is necessary to keep our students from needless death or futures tarnished with alcohol addiction?