Special Reports

Irresponsible approach

Having followed the ongoing discussion of the State College drinking problem in the CDT, I was saddened to see Sandy Miller’s column on “responsible drinkers” in the Views section Feb. 15.

Miller thinks responsible drinking can include a scenario that starts out with a couple of drinks at home followed by some “adult drinking” at the Autoport, a visit to see Velveeta at The Saloon, then some bar-hopping and “Monkey Boy-drinking” as long as you have someone sober to drive.

She says “there are people who drink a lot, people who drink responsibly and people who do both.” She thinks the culture of drinking in State College is a foundation for the maturation of students and local youth.

Responsible drinking is stopping before a person becomes impaired. Period.

Whether that is one drink or two drinks or however many, responsible drinking does not involve drinking until one becomes overly silly or morose, slurs speech, is falling over or hugging a commode. Irresponsible drinkers should visualize how absurd a person appears in any of those situations or even worse predicaments.

I also suggest that a culture of drinking can only build a foundation of sand, certainly not a foundation for the maturation of students and local youth.

To the contrary, the culture of drinking can only stymie the maturation process. It is precisely this culture of drinking that most of the articles in the CDT series have argued against.

Only when we refute Miller’s guide for getting blasted and can commercials with Kid Rock holding a bottle of bourbon while telling America’s youth to drink responsibly will we have made some progress in this area.