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Time for a change

Hats off to Jeff Kern on his column “PSU has become too ‘student friendly.’ ” It was well-done and brings up some pretty disturbing points.

In November, I wrote a letter about excessive drinking by Penn State students. How are we doing four months later? I’m appalled by my fellow students’ behavior.

The Borough of State College should not have to foot the bill to clean up the mess left by irresponsible “adults.” Sometimes students forget they are adults, but you have to act like one before you’re considered one by society.

Educational and moral standards have fallen over the years and we as a generation are weak. The blame can be equally shared by students and administrators.

Administrators have lost focus of education and have become overly interested in the business aspect of the university. It seems to me that money is more important than education.

As an example, about a month ago I wrote to Penn State’s vice president for administration asking about access to a musical resource on campus. I had been getting every excuse in the book why I could not pursue the musical instrument I wanted to learn.

This is the response I received: “Given the limited resources available, it is not possible to accommodate the various interests of our students.”

This is the university’s favorite line. Maybe 30 years ago they would say we didn’t have enough resources to accommodate various interests of students, but we will try and help you pursue your goal. Instead I was told to go downtown and explore musical resources in the borough.

Why should I do this when we have them on campus? Isn’t a university a place where we are supposed to expand and open our minds to new things?

While Penn State has become too student friendly in some areas, it not student friendly when trying to pursue educational interests. I guess the administration couldn’t care less if I wanted to get drunk on weekend.

When it comes to drinking, Penn State students are plain stupid. They were smart enough to get into the university but can’t seem to figure out their alcohol limit.

Everything is good in moderation. It would be humorous to say that students drink in moderation.

Unfortunately, the problem is not going to be solved in the next few months or even in the next few years.

Administrators have to up the standards and stop being wimps. It is time to stop holding students’ hands and it’s time for students to grow up.

Penn State administration and educators should become “student friendly” when students show academic interest. A dark cloud still hangs over Happy Valley. The forecast is calling for more of the same.

Steven C. Iacovino Norristown

The writer is a junior majoring in journalism at Penn State.