Special Reports

Let this be the last

From the neighbors in the Highlands area of State College, we hope Kevin Ignatuk recovers fully from the injuries he sustained from a borough police SUV near the intersection of Hetzel Street and East Beaver Avenue early Sunday morning. Apparently, two men ran in front of the police car at about 1:30 a.m., and only the first made it across unscathed.

Can’t we all cry out and raise awareness of the students that this is what we are talking about when we complain about excessive drinking? It’s not just noise and vandalism. It’s not silly college pranks. It’s people getting critically injured in our neighborhoods for unacceptable reasons.

This young man was less than 100 feet from his door and, at 21, probably less than one year from graduating. What a tragedy. Think of what his parents and family are going through right now. Think of what the police officer is dealing with right now, yet we all should be thankful he didn’t hit both young men who ran through his path.

We can’t afford to lose young people this way. We can’t afford as a society to look the other way as our youth become alcoholic and passive about improving themselves and their world.

We need to strongly remind parents of the devastation their whole family could harbor if their child becomes the next tragedy. Please, Penn State, help us stop this insanity.

David C. Swanson State College