Special Reports

Beer pong? Really?

You have got to be kidding me. How in the world on Page A5 of the Sunday paper can you print the huge picture of fans playing beer pong with the headline "In the Penn State Game Spirit" with all that has been going on recently concerning the use of alcohol on campus?

More appropriately would have been to make the smallest picture — the one of campus police — the largest picture. I found the picture a huge contradiction to your editorial "Hold drunks accountable" a few pages over.

I was at the game Saturday working a concession stand in the student section. Some students who came through were so inebriated, they could barely order, and this was right after the gates opened. I kept thinking, "What are these students going to be like eight hours from now?"

Later on that night as I was headed in the opposite direction as all the outgoing traffic, all I could think was, "Which one of these drivers had too much drink today and is going to slam into me?"

Then I opened the paper to see a dangerous drinking game glorified. Way to go, CDT. I can see you're real serious about the issue of alcohol abuse on campus.

Gina Mele Centre Hall