Special Reports

Set a better example

Our children learn from the examples we set as adults. Penn State sets an example every home football weekend by allowing drinking on campus.

A number of years ago, about the time the university banned kegs from the tailgating lots, I remember seeing a father holding his young son by one hand and a beer bottle in the other. It was about 9 a.m. Children learn from example.

But of course we must allow drinking on campus in order to ensure that the fans will continue to support the program. Money talks, and rules are bent when dollars are involved. But is it OK to drink on campus or not?

Stop making exceptions and stop pretending you're doing everything you can to help prevent student drinking. Put your money where your mouth is and take one small step. Penn State is supposed to be a leading institution of higher learning. Teach the children well and they'll learn from example.

T. Wilson Bellefonte