Special Reports

Make students work harder

Perhaps an answer to the problem of destructive mob behavior, which includes violence, killing themselves, beating others up, urinating in public, vandalism, breaking bottles, throwing cans about, and being loud and disruptive, would be for Penn State to assign students an adequate academic load.

If that happens, students could not afford to spend time drunk, partying, raping and pillaging the community in which they live and then they could graduate in four years rather than six.

These students have so much free time it is unbelievable. Why doesn't the Centre Daily Times do an investigative report on the academic load of students? How much free (drinking/ partying) time they have available to them and how many now take five to six years (of partying in between a few classes) to graduate?

Allowing students to take six years to get an undergraduate degree extends adolescence into an unreasonable age, causes a burden on parents and continues to keep these students dependent, unproductive members of society.

The university has some culpability in this, I think, by allowing students to stay in college and party seemingly forever.

GerneyLee Carter State College