Special Reports

Some things to think about

The letter to Penn State President Graham Spanier urging him to take action against destructive drinking had some ideas worth considering:

A public forum for residents to share ideas about violation of their properties: done. Join the Facebook group State College Coalition Against Destructive Drinking, post photos and stories.

Community action: Without support and participation from locals, nothing significant can happen. Join if you want to become a part of the solution.

Students need to see themselves as residents, not visitors, and take responsibility for their actions. We do not want to be residents against students. Students, we need your help and cooperation.

If you've ever been outraged by the careless destruction of drunk students, if you are saddened by the overconsumption of alcohol contributing to the death of another student, if your house has ever been damaged or broken into by a student under the influence, if you are a parent who thinks it is unsafe to let your middle schooler hang out downtown, join the coalition.

Let's unite, organize and act. More participants mean more power.

Leslie Yackeren Boalsburg