Special Reports

Change game-day mentality

Congratulations to readers who wrote to the Centre Daily Times concerning the photo of beer pong that was printed in a earlier edition. Please do not blame the CDT for the photo — just a photographer doing her job, catching the events of the day. Instead let's take a look at the game day policies, so to speak.

We have a drinking problem in the Centre Region as many will say and try to make progress in curbing the drinking on campus. But then, come game day, we say, "Hold on, it's a football Saturday, let's party and we will pick up the pieces come Monday."

I fully understand that football Saturdays are a huge money maker for Centre and surrounding counties. But what I do not understand is the look-the- other-way attitude. I think we all agree that drunk driving is a huge problem here and nationwide, but how many DUI check points have you ever seen after a Penn State game? Well, not many because it would tie up traffic even worse. Oh wait, sorry for wanting to save a life or two.

Let's go to the stadium parking next month before a wrestling match. Let's set up a tailgate, play beer pong, grill our food and party away. In five minutes campus patrol will be there to kick us out, because you just can't be tailgating on a non football game day. The "if you don't see it, it must not be happening" attitude is wrong but will never stop.

Bob Murphy Centre Hall