Special Reports

Kick them out

On the Jan. 18 Views page, editors urged readers to "be part of this effort to raise awareness of the challenges of excessive drinking in our community" and "to make a difference by bringing this community problem into focus. ..."

Awareness has been raised enough. The problem is already in focus. It's well past time to take action to eliminate the problem.

Immediately beneath the editors' exhortation was a lengthy column co-authored by a Penn State administrator and a State College borough employee. Unfortunately, the column contained no specific proposals for action. If the co-authors, and other local individuals in positions of authority, still have no proposals of their own, or are unwilling to share them with CDT readers, they should at least be willing to respond to proposals made by others.

Here's one: Penn State should promptly expel any student encountered by law enforcement personnel (campus or borough) in public, in an intoxicated condition, as evidenced by the student's failure to pass a field sobriety test administered by law enforcement at the scene.

Phil Edmunds Boalsburg