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Congratulations, Sara Ganim!

            Just over a week ago, while paying a tribute to the outgoing editor, Bob Heisse, I mentioned some of the people that worked under him, noting the results he got from them.  One of those was the former Centre Daily Times reporter Sara Ganim.  I said, “Ms. Ganim, who looks like she might be on her way to a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the intersecting Sandusky Scandal, started under his editorship.”  I was being a bit prophetic (even if my spell checker doesn’t like her name).  No, not a Pulitzer, well not yet.

            Earlier today, the Long Island University announced the winners of the George Polk Award.  The award was founded in 1949 to honor, obviously, George Polk, a CBS journalist who died covering the Greek Civil War.  Previous winners were people like Edward R. Murrow, Carl Bernstein, and Walter Cronkite.2  The winner of the Polk Award for Sports Reporting this year was Sara Ganim of the Patriot-News and formerly of the CDT, for her coverage of the Sandusky scandal.3  She also covered its intersection with Ray Gricar. 

            Interestingly, I’ve followed the comments about the initial article that Ms. Ganim wrote, almost ten months ago, about the grand jury; many, if not most, were negative.  I’ve read comments on message boards from people who looked at her coverage of the Gricar case while she was at the CDT; some of those comments were negative.  In both cases, she told some people what did not want to hear.  They didn’t want to believe it, so they blamed the messenger.  Perhaps, if they believed the world was flat, they’d blame Magellan and Drake too.   

            This is a career high for Ms. Ganim, and I doubt if it will be the plateau.  Congratulations, Ms. Ganim, and thank you for all your work.  I have a feeling there will be more to come. 

End Notes

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