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Parking Lots

            In writing about the disappearance of Centre County’s for district attorney, Ray Gricar, I’ve written about several theories.  One was called “A Meeting for Murder.”1  I’ll be looking at it in a bit more detail later, but for now, I want to give a brief summary of it.

            The theory is that Mr. Gricar had some sort of a work related clandestine meeting in Lewisburg.  He was either lured there, or he was meeting secretly with someone, and was murdered as a result.

            This was my first murder theories (and there are others), and some people thought it was, well, way out there.  It was the clandestine meeting part that seemed to give them some trouble.  An investigator or a prosecutor wouldn’t be meeting in a parking lot for some type of secret meeting.  It simply seemed too cloak and dagger.

            Well, that was before the Sandusky case.  When assistant football coach Mike McQueary first spoke to investigators, it was in, what the New York Times characterized as an “out-of-the-way parking lot,” though presumably one in Centre County.2 Mr. McQueary did so because he didn’t want it known that he was talking to investigators and there were a lot of people at Penn State who might spot him.  It was a clandestine meeting.

            Now, Mr. Gricar could have been in Lewisburg for a similar clandestine meeting.  It may not have involved the Sandusky case, but perhaps something as potentially high profile.  It could have been an attempt to lure Mr. Gricar to his death or it could have a meeting for another purpose that went very wrong.  If so, we can eliminate a few people with whom Mr. Gricar could have been meeting.

            We pretty sure it wasn’t Mr. McQueary.  He is six foot four, with flaming red hair, in his early 30’s in 2005.3  He’d very easily stand out.  All the reports made public of Mr. Gricar being seen with anyone in Lewisburg have been of a dark haired woman, five foot eight to five foot ten, in her 40’s.

            We can also be sure it wasn’t anyone on staff.  It would not attract the attention of anyone if a staff member went into his office and closed the door hind them.  It is the same with personal friends.  It would be unusual in the least for them to stop in and visit their friend, Mr. Gricar.

            I’ll be looking at the “Meeting for Murder” possibility again in a future blog.  A clandestine meeting in an “out-of-the-way a parking lot” seemed too cloak and dagger to be taken seriously, until we found out one, presumably closer, happened in the Sandusky case.

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