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Review Panel at Two

            There is another investigation involving former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, and it has nothing to do with the Sandusky Sandal.  It predates the investigation of the 1998 incident.  The public disclosure of the forming of this investigation predates the first disclosure that this grand jury existed by precisely one year.  It is the review panel established by the current Centre County District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller, two years ago today.

            The panel is comprised of various law enforcement agencies.  They have re-interviewed people close to Mr. Gricar.  They have looked at the possibility that Mr. Gricar might be using different identification, and is alive.  They looked at a spot in Blair County to see if he was buried there, and obviously dead.  They have released some additional information.  The 4/18/05 Wilkes-Barre sighting has been ruled out.  At least one witness saw Mr. Gricar on his way to Lewisburg and at least one reported seeing him in the Street of Shops with the “Mystery Woman.”  These are good things, and I’d expect that they have done a lot more.

            There are a few things they have not done, however.

1.  Reach a conclusion or rule out a possibility, publicly at least.

2.  Release a lot more of the information.  One thing would be a chronological list of the witnesses, even if the witnesses were not publicly identified.

That is exceptionally disappointing, especially after two years of this panel, not to mention a still secret Pennsylvania State Police review, and a solid initial investigation.  Yes, this panel has done more, but it has not done enough.

            The review panel has been overshadowed by the Sandusky investigation and Mr. Gricar’s role in the investigation of the 1998 incident involving Victim 6.  There have almost been monthly revelations, all raising questions about his official conduct in that case.  That creates a problem.  While Ms. Parks Miller was not involved in the workings of the District Attorney’s Office in 1998, it was that office, and her predecessor that made the decision not to prosecute Mr. Sandusky.  Institutionally, this review might have to investigate itself when looking at any connection with Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.  Certainly, the appearance of self investigation will be there. 

            Despite what has been a competent investigation by the Centre County District Attorney’s Office, and the lead agency, the Bellefonte Police Department, there will be lingering questions of conflict of interest, unless a solid explanation for Mr. Gricar’s disappearance is provided.  Failing that, this case should be turned over to Attorney General’s Office, which has already been looking at the 1998 situation.

            On another subject, last week, I did a blog regarding another missing person, Michael Dietz, a talented local sculptor.  In the last 48 hours, his family has indicated that is safe and has contacted them.  It is nice to hear of a happy ending and I hope that Mr. Dietz continues his artistic endeavors; he is quite talented.


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