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A "Grace"ious Appearance

            There is another television program scheduled on Ray Gricar, the former Centre County District Attorney coming out.  That is the good news.  That is always good news, because it keeps his case in the public eye.  It might generate new leads.  I call it a video version of a face on a milk carton.

            The program is scheduled to air on Friday, 1/17/14, at 8:00 PM on HLN.  The program is called Nancy Grace Mysteries.1  That may temper the “good news” aspect. 

            If you recall, I commented on a previous television program she did in early 2011.  I called it “incredibly biased” to the possibility that Mr. Gricar walked away.2  I still remember it, and laughing at the probable reactions of some of the other members of the “chattering class,” who insist Mr. Gricar was murdered; I also laughed when I read their reactions.  I watched the panel, with every little piece of evidence discussed, including some that had ruled out years before, shaking the heads and proclaiming that he had to have walked away.   

            Now, since the show first aired in late January 2011, there were some new developments.  Mr. Gricar was declared dead and the Sandusky Scandal began to unfold.  Some new evidence, not from Ms. Grace’s program, but from the Investigation Discovery channel’s Disappeared, came out.  One sighting of Mr. Gricar, on 4/18/05 in Wilkes Barre was ruled out by the police.  The odds change, with suicide dropping, and both foul play and walk away both increasing (the odds will change again).

            Certainly, there is still a bit more evidence of walkaway than foul play, but neither could be ruled out, with a reasonable degree of certainty.  I don’t expect any show to be “The Murder of District Attorney Gricar,” but it really should not be “The Case of Ray the Walkaway,” either.  I hope that when the program airs it will be more balanced.  We do not have solid enough evidence to say that either is the answer to the question, “What happened to Ray Gricar?” 

            If Ms. Grace can provide us with some real answers to that question, more power to her.  Based on the previous show, I won’t be holding my breath, but I will be watching. 

            I also want to apologize for not being a bit more active in this blog.  With the holiday, and a number of professional activities, I have been quite busy over the last month.  Yes, I do have a life outside of the Gricar case, and no, the rest of it doesn’t consist solely of the Penn State Scandal either.  The series on Mr. Gricar’s finances is still on, however.

End Notes

1 http://www.hlntv.com/clusters/nancy-grace-mysteries

2 http://www.centredaily.com/2011/01/28/2483200/grace-note.html



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