Joe Paterno

Support for Paterno’s legacy

Like most of America, I’ve been following the scandal unfolding at Penn State. Unlike many, I remain a supporter of Penn State and its embattled ex-coach.

Paterno did the lawful thing by reporting an alleged crime to the individual considered to be his “boss.” Should he have done more? Yes. I don’t know why he didn’t.

Some say he was protecting the university or the football program. Others say he was concerned for his own legacy. I don’t agree with the latter, however, I can believe he would try to protect the institution he has dedicated his life to and so dearly loves.

Lest we forget Paterno is the same person today that he was before this scandal broke. It seems some of the strongest support he’s received has come from those who know him best, his current and former players and staff. They admire, respect and — dare I say — love the man we call “Joe Pa.”

Penn State will heal and recover from this scandal. Sadly, Paterno may not be around to see it.

Jay Schlegel Curwensville