Joe Paterno

Paterno admired in Nebraska

I am proud to be a fan of Nebraska athletics. Not an alumnus, just a fan who appreciates great football and loves helping usher home games with the Scouts at Memorial Stadium.

I have always admired Joe Paterno as not just a great football coach but also as a great man. Nobody really knows what happened, not all the details, and I am sure that any reflections by Paterno include how he could have handled the situation more effectively.

In any event, the common bond that this game has created for our two university communities should grow even stronger with time, and we are excited to be in the Big Ten.

When you come to Lincoln next year, we want to continue to show you why Husker Nation is known as having the greatest fans in college football. You Are Penn State. Be proud, be loud and join us in Lincoln the weekend of Nov. 10, 2012.

Jim Bunch Lincoln, Neb.