Joe Paterno

Former AD Tim Curley: Paterno "integral part of my life"

Former Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and retired senior administrator Gary Schultz released statements about Paterno through their attorneys today.

"Words cannot express the sorrow my family and I feel,” Curley said. “Joe has been an integral part of my life for more than 35 years. Joe coached me, mentored me, taught me what it meant to compete with integrity and honor, and above all demonstrated with each day that he lived, the power of humility. Our thoughts, prayers and sincere condolences go out to the Paterno family."

Schultz said: "With profound sadness, my family and I want to express our heartfelt condolences for the Paterno family today.  I had the sincere honor and distinct pleasure to work with Joe for many, many years at Penn State. No one loved Penn State more than Joe. We will all miss him.”