American grandpa weighs in on election

When I was just a tiny tot, my mother told me the moon was made of “green cheese.” Except for my imaginary friends, Weewee and Rollindutz, this was my first real experience with truth vs. fantasy. Fortunately we landed on the moon in the ’60s and all lingering issues with its geology were resolved. The “Green Cheese Syndrome,” however, followed me long into voting age.

I was full of idealism and believed whatever came out of the mouths of politicians. I convinced myself that President Richard Nixon was not a crook and imagined every excuse possible to defend him.

Now, I am an old American grandpa with lots of grandkids to worry about. I realize how utterly stupid I was, being so gullible and trusting on my emotions, embracing fantasy over truth. Well, I’ve seen a lot of things, good and bad. I’ve seen good people from both political parties serve this country with dignity and wisdom. But I have never seen an election for president of the greatest country on Earth that offered us such a terrible choice. One candidate should probably be in jail if President Barack Obama were not running the Justice Department. The other is an incurable boisterous “ignoramus.”

It’s really hard to think it out. I am afraid of Donald Trump’s lack of control, as most are. But I am positively petrified of what Hillary Clinton will do to this country. We do have a responsibility to protect those who come behind us, our children and grandchildren.

I ponder what our country and the world would be like if we only had a single party with Clinton, Obama and this particular group of Democrats in control perpetually.

I remember way back when Clinton was involved in the Whitewater scandal. Scandal has stuck to her like glue. We know that Clinton is accountable for the four lives lost in Libya. What if one of those lives was my son or grandson? And look at what big banks like Wells Fargo are doing, illegally creating new accounts out of thin air. Do you think Clinton promised the big banks nothing after getting thousands and thousands of dollars? Do you think Clinton promised all those foreign donors nothing after getting thousands and thousands of dollars? Our national debt is now double. Do we think there is no price to pay for this?

Clinton has learned and become the ultimate expert in all the traits Americans hate related to career politicians.

I really believe it is worth considering under a President Hillary Clinton that we would see most of the following happening:

▪  Iran with a nuclear weapon in violation of the Clinton/Obama deal;

▪  The annihilation of Israel;

▪  Vladimir Putin conquering Ukraine and all the countries that border Russia;

▪  Iran/Russia alliance controlling the whole Middle East;

▪  A weak and depleted American armed forces with no global influence;

▪  Inner-city killings increasing due to a weakened law and order system;

▪  Continued stagnant economic growth (less than 2 percent is pitiful)

▪  Increased terrorism due to an open border and sanctuary cities

▪  Continued “dumbing” descent in the quality of our children’s education

▪  Continued stagnation of well-being of middle class, both blacks and whites;

▪  Ultra liberal Supreme Court attacking our Constitution;

▪  Medicaid-paid abortions on demand;

▪  Continued deterioration of traditional marriage; and

▪  Continued deterioration of traditional value systems.

No, I am not senile — yet — although I kind of wish I were and that these things were not possible, but this is not fantasy. So I plead with you youngsters, do not be influenced by the “Green Cheese Syndrome.”

For the sake of our children, no Hillary Clinton.

R.G. “Grandpa” Schwenzer lives in Bellefonte.