Thumbs up to Florida State

We offer a thumbs up this week to Florida State University administrators. Last week they shut down all Greek-life activity immediately following the death of student Andrew Coffey.

Andrew was a pledge for Pi Kappa Phi and it is suspected that excessive alcohol consumption at a fraternity event played a part in his death. FSU reacted swiftly and firmly. The university also took measures that reach the broader student body by banning alcohol from all student events, a measure that impacts more than 700 student organizations outside of the Greek system. Many of these actions have been suggested here at home as a possible solution to curb excessive student drinking at Penn State.

In the wake of our own tragedy and the senseless death of Timothy Piazza, PSU administrators have imposed strict regulations on Greek organizations and held firm to their new set of rules, but have stopped short of the bans issued in Florida as well as Texas State, which also suspended Greek life this week after the death of a pledge.

We will be watching those universities to see how their measures play out and if it’s a solution Penn State should indeed consider more deeply.

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