In response to CDT’s ‘thumbs up’ to Alabama voters

I’m disappointed that Roy Moore lost the election in Alabama. Republicans needed him or someone like him in the Senate to maintain their 52-48 majority and a slim hope of advancing a conservative agenda. I’m surprised that many conservative Alabamans who usually vote for Republican candidates apparently gave credence to the salacious B.S. that liberal news media conjured and bombarded them with late in the campaign. Democrats/liberals tried to scuttle Trump’s candidacy and the nomination of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court in the same scurrilous, disgusting way. It was unsuccessful in those cases but it worked against Roy Moore.

That election night quote from Alabama’s new Sen.-elect Doug Jones about the voters — “you helped bend that moral arc a little closer to that justice” — is so typical of liberals. They are usually shameless about their own wrongdoing and often oblivious to the irony of their own actions and statements. For Jones to associate himself with a moral arc and justice after what those 60-year-old accusers, Gloria Allred, Stephanie McCrummen and Beth Reinhard and the Washington Post organization, and the talking heads in the MSNBC and CNN liberal echo chambers did, is beyond the pale.

Democrats/liberals now feign outrage over Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct that happened almost 40 years ago, if it happened at all. But they lionize Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy despite their contemporaneous knowledge of Clinton’s and Kennedy’s well-documented marital infidelities and debauchery. They re-elected former Massachusetts Congressman Gerry Studds (a Democrat) four times after his liaison with a 17-year-old male House page became public knowledge in 1983. So when Doug Jones thanks voters for bending the moral arc of the universe toward justice by shunning Roy Moore and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews insists Democrats are “too pure” for quickly forcing resignations of Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers Jr., because of their admitted sexual assaults and harassment, excuse me while I throw up.

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