Why change can be great. Just ask your TV remote

My 79-year-old dad talks to his TV remote all day long. He proudly showed off his new skills to me on a recent visit, and he’d occasionally catch me off-guard when I heard him talking when no one was around — other than his friend the remote.

I haven’t talked to my remote yet, but when I do, I fear it may be smarter than I am. Like my car.

People embrace new technology and communication in their own ways. Tech is changing our world, and my Dad’s pride in his new skill is evidence of how tech has made our lives more accessible and user-friendly for everyone in ways that work for them.

How people communicate and share news is a big part of our future at the Centre Daily Times, and as the new executive editor, I’m excited about what’s ahead for our organization and what it means to our community. We’ll pursue news aggressively in our community and have that news posted instantly on all of our outlets, including our website, our social media outlets, through our video and photo efforts, and more.

That doesn’t mean we’ll abandon our newspaper audience; our print readership remains vital. What it does mean: Wherever you want your news, we’ll be there. If you want to read your paper over coffee, we have you covered. If you want to scroll through your favorite social media platform for the latest Centre County news, you’ll find us, and most likely your neighbors will be sharing our stories.

The key wherever you get your news from us: We’ll cover the stories that fulfill our journalistic mission and also matter most to you.

Just as my Dad now enjoys the ease of a tech advance, I hope you open yourself to our offerings. What you see in our paper will be just a portion of the extensive content we’ll have as the definitive source for news coverage in our area.

I’ve only been in the Centre County community for a month, but in talking to a number of you, I fully understand how important our voice is to such a highly engaged community. I’m not only impressed but excited about how you react and respond to our coverage. I encourage and embrace that engagement.

My Mom and Dad and I talk often. Not as often as my channel-surfing Dad talks to his remote. But consider us as the TV remote you can talk to — or call, email, write, text, or contact us in whatever way works for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

John Roach is executive editor of the Centre Daily Times.