Letters to the Editor

Caution on fact checking

I would caution Ms. Kisenwether (CDT, 9/5) that fact checking can be tricky business, especially in our highly charged political environment where pandering to voting blocs is rampant, and, in my opinion, destructive to our democracy.

Many “facts” are spun and distorted to meaninglessness. Did the current administration actually deport the numbers suggested?

Ample reporting from reliable on-the-ground sources indicates that those crossing the border illegally are briefly detained and then released and counted as “deported.” In reality, they remain in our country to live the same as citizens and those legally admitted under law. The “game” is called “catch and release.”

We have ample recent examples of sophisticated manipulation and outright lying to obtain a political benefit. Does Benghazi and the “rogue video producer” ring a bell? In addition, the word “transparency” has been cheapened and made meaningless in the contemporary political context.

Some 15,000-plus U.S. border patrol members have endorsed Donald Trump. Perhaps these good men and women have stepped forward because they have firsthand experience of our immigration reality and see Donald Trump as the only candidate who will allow them to enforce the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, as amended, and do what is right by law and for our country.

The United States of America is at risk. The stakes are higher than ever and so are the deceptions. The real “agents of change” are we the voters.

May God help us that we not be duped!

Jim Tomlinson, Boalsburg