Letters to the Editor

Beagles deserve better fate

There are such things as monsters. But these goblins and Jabberwocks don’t lurk at the edges of old sea charts, and they’re not into politics. There are monsters everywhere.

Like at the University of Missouri, where “researchers” poured acid into the eyes of six beagles during a study on corneal ulcers. When the study failed, the dogs were murdered. Mizzou has more than a dozen other beagles awaiting some similar fate.

When confronted, Mizzou said that the experiments were approved by a committee. Let that sink in for a moment. An institution of higher learning in the U.S. engages in barbaric and antiquated research, and people sat in a boardroom and decided it was a good thing.

There are 65,000 dogs in laboratories in the U.S, and more than 90 percent are beagles. With their gentle nature and human-like expression of emotions, they make good test subjects. So companies like Johnson & Johnson spray hairspray in their eyes, make them eat toothpaste, and dispose of them when they’re no longer “useful.”

Some of you have stopped reading — the only thing worse than what these monsters are doing is a public turning a blind eye.

Luckily, where there are monsters, there are also angels. The Beagle Freedom Project rescues hundreds of these beagles and gives them loving homes.

You can do something — something as grand as supporting the Beagle Freedom Project, or as simple as turning over your shampoo bottle in the store and looking for the cruelty-free sticker.

Jason Traverse, Boalsburg