Letters to the Editor

An alarming situation

I am a longtime resident in view and earshot of the particularly aggressive driving and motors revving through the obviously dangerous and complicated intersection just outside my doors and windows.

Over the years, I have come to expect to routinely respond with alarmed curiosity to what has happened out there with these ridiculous people in their ridiculous cars driving so crazy and fast, for Lord knows why when the speed limit turns to 35 at that point or only increases to 50.

Traffic becomes congested with drivers turning into apartment driveways perhaps unfamiliar and new, bus stops, grocery store with pedestrian traffic, and the traffic light. You would think people are coming off and going onto a drag way down Blue Course Drive.

What the hell, people. Your lives matter, if no one else’s. Nothing to do but wait and see who gets smashed next. A very nice white racy Porsche was the last victim/nut job. Plenty of near misses and screeching tires since then. A matter of time and poor judgment, perhaps drivers, perhaps Ferguson Township planning. It does not really matter at this point. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Maria Baker, State College