Letters to the Editor

Music connects us

I started music in fourth grade on B-flat clarinet. My sixth-grade year I started picking up saxophones, seventh-grade year I started picking up oboe, eighth grade I started bassoon, my ninth-grade year I started bass clarinet, 10th-grade year I started contralto clarinet. I am an eleventh-grader who is in our concert band and our symphonic orchestra.

Music changed my life; I have always been happier playing or listening to music. In ninth grade I was having troubles with my health but music was my lifeline. I have met all my friends through music and they helped me to become even happier than I was before ninth grade.

Music has changed my life for the better in school; I have more attention, and became a lot better at math. If music education was ever taken out of schools I would be depressed and I would not be able to connect with any of my friends the same way I do with music.

It also affects our community. People always come out to see our marching band in parades, at football games, and even during our practices in our school parking lot. Everyone in our community loves music — young, old, instrumentalist, vocalist, no musical talent, sexual orientation, gender orientation, etc. Everyone is contacted through music even if they do not understand it yet.

Celia Craig, Pennsylvania Furnace