Letters to the Editor

Debris is disgraceful

Typically, we walk with the intent to reach our destination. It’s an affliction of urban existence coupled with our need to be connected by earplugs, phone calls and texting. As such, the art of seeing and looking becomes unimportant.

This past Saturday on my way to Pop Up Avenue I parked a few streets back from West Beaver and weaved through the Highlands and past a few fraternities. My intent was to observe. Along the way, I saw an abundance of trash such as discarded sandwich wrappers, bottle caps, Solo cups, beer cans, leftover pizza, cigarettes and other debris on sidewalks and yards. What was shocking was the number of beer cans and open liquor bottles thrown aside. Sadly, this was not even a home football weekend.

Most alarming was the discovery of three open liquor bottles with alcohol remaining. All of the open bottles were less than a block from a homeless shelter, where residents are living attempting to rebuild a new life. How tempting is an open liquor bottle to a homeless person, shelter resident, minor or others?

The debris is a disgrace to the community. The discarded beer cans and vodka bottles with liquor is a different problem. It’s a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

The community needs to find a solution involving residents, police, borough council, students, fraternities and anyone else who lives in our community. To ignore it is “looking and not seeing”. The residents are frustrated and have been vocal.

Dennis D. Fetzer, Boalsburg