Letters to the Editor

Age should be an issue

Much recently has been made regarding the age of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It should be.

Two 70-year-olds are now vying for the most important and demanding office in the world.

The president’s schedule is grueling.

The age of Sen. John McCain was also an issue recently. McCain is 80 years old.

I am old enough to remember Speaker John McCormick sleeping during State of the Union addresses — elderly Supreme Court justices, same.

All brilliant men in their day — 88 or 92 was just not their day.

A friend, a White House reporter who loved Reagan, once told me: “Dutch is gone, senile.”

He had tears in his eyes; Reagan was then 75 years old. Former President Bill Clinton (70) dozed during his wife’s acceptance speech — it’s on the internet. Both President Clinton and President Obama were elected in their 40s, not their 70s.

I know these facts are painful — for me too. I have taken good care of myself. I am thin (fit for 67) and not a gray hair.

I know I have some productive years left — but just not as president of the United States — either as Republican or a Democrat.

Joe Mogus, Pleasant Gap