Letters to the Editor

Keep Hanna working for central Pa.

State Rep. Mike Hanna and I have been friends for many years and spent countless times hunting and fishing together. One thing I know about Hanna is that he is a strong advocate of the sportsmen of Pennsylvania — not just his district but all Pennsylvania.

Hanna has been and always will be a supporter of the Second Amendment. Hanna is hosting seminars on concealed-carry law — not to hide his feelings of opposition to guns but to make sure gun owners are aware of the law to carry concealed weapons. He’s been in the legislature for years and the last I checked the NRA said his record was perfect.

Hanna always has the best interest of all of central Pennsylvania in mind. I’m proud to have Mike Hanna as my state representative and hope everybody gets out and votes in November to keep him working for all of us.

Tom Miller, Lock Haven