Letters to the Editor

A deplorable candidate

Some members of the media have criticized Hillary Clinton about her “basket full of deplorables” comments.

A cursory glance at the shouting and spitting Donald Trump on the stump, before introduction of the new teleprompter personality cloaking device, surely lends evidence to Clinton’s charge, actual mathematical dimensions yet to be determined.

By historical definition, Trump and many of his supporters clearly fall into the proto-fascist designation, characterized by hyper-nationalism, denigration of the media, scapegoating of particular groups, rejection of human rights, racism, sexism, homophobia, angry populism, anti-intellectualism, conspiracy theories, and a type of state-sponsored capitalism, absent labor unions.

Trump’s rallies often are marked by violence in both speech and deed. Supporters harass and physically attack protesters, while others shout “Kill Her,” “Hang Her,” “Shoot Her,” “String Her Up” and “Lock Her Up.” Children carry signs spewing the same.

The candidate has bankrupted five businesses and opposes the minimum wage. He has lied about his taxes and his charitable contributions. He has lied about security briefings with the intelligence community. He has invited Russia’s Vladimir Putin to cyberattack America. He has suggested killing the families of terrorists, killing journalists, killing Hillary, rounding up and deporting Muslims and Mexicans, and building a wall.

And, the Republican candidate recently appeared on Russian television to share his admiration for a brutal dictator as he denigrated our president and embarrassed our military.

Donald Trump is deplorable.

And he has embedded his campaign with more of the same.

Marylouise Markle, State College