Letters to the Editor

The case against Trump

Ten reasons Donald Trump should not be the leader of the free world:

1. He makes fun of disabled people. Is Trump really so insecure that he has to make fun of the weakest among us to get a laugh?

2. He doesn’t pay his bills. There always seems to be a reason to withhold payment.

3. Making a buck is more important to him than doing the right thing. Why else did he make his shirts and ties overseas, when he says it is important to create jobs in the U.S.?

4. His moral compass is askew. He cheated on two wives, yet makes fun of Hillary Clinton’s aide for her husband’s behavior, and Hillary for Bill’s behavior.

5. He does not know what it means to serve. Yet he belittles those who have, like John McCain.

6. He has thin skin, and can’t take criticism. He lashes out at anyone who points out his many failings like a middle school bully.

7. He doesn’t recognize that his success rides on the shoulders of others. A million dollars from your father to get you started is not much? Really?

8. He makes promises he doesn’t keep. Like promising to donate millions to organizations, but never sending the checks.

9. He stereotypes entire races and religions. Muslims, Jews, Mexicans ... to name a few.

10. His businesses have gone bankrupt — more than once. Is this the mark of a great businessman?

America deserves better. I am voting for Hillary.

Tami Gilmour, State College