Letters to the Editor

Only viable alternative

The strength of our country is in its people. We have the right and responsibility to choose our leaders.

I am proud that we have chosen wisely in electing Rep. Scott Conklin and Rep. Mike Hanna and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale. All three men have displayed a love for serving the people of Pennsylvania with great integrity.

This year I find that one of our presidential candidates is not worthy of my vote: Donald Trump. I find his behavior quite erratic and unreliable. Howard Fineman called Trump “Un-American” for berating our military on Russian state television while praising Vladimir Putin. To me, that action by Trump is disqualifying for the presidency and sends troublesome signals.

Trump is a man who weaseled out of serving in the military “for medical reasons” at age 18; at age 70 Trump claims to be the healthiest presidential candidate in the history of the republic, yet speaks against the men and women who have the courage to serve. He is not someone I want as the leader of my country. My husband was Navy; my son Air Force; my grandson is a 2011 Annapolis graduate serving in the Pacific.

For these reasons I invite other voters to join many Republicans, independents and Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton, our best choice in 2016. Clinton is the only viable alternative to Trump. A Trump presidency would be destructive.

Maria A. Sweet, State College