Letters to the Editor

Use reason

Over the past 10 months, lots of my retired teacher friends and I have repeatedly asked this question: Do people not recognize a huckster, a snake oil salesman, a cheap-shot loudmouth and crude self-absorbed self-promoter masquerading as a viable choice for president?

Even if some folks willfully refuse to consider issues or educate themselves, why don’t they listen to the many reasonable and thoughtful Republicans who will be voting for Hillary Clinton as their best choice for a prepared, fact-based and seasoned leader?

Would they really rather listen only to emotional-first nut cases? My friend, former Rep. Christopher Shays, logically, clearly and publicly states that Trump stands for everything that he and his wife do not believe and everything they would never teach their daughter. A lifelong Republican, Shays has never before voted for a Democratic candidate for governor or president. Along with John McCain in the Senate though, Shays has been a consistent voice for campaign finance reform and removing uncontrolled and undisclosed money influences. As a conservative statesman, in the best sense of those words, he is confident that Clinton will be a good U.S. president and strong commander in chief.

So am I. For the sake of our grandchildren, our blessed earth and this amazing free and principled country, I urge you to use reason when you vote.

Julie Gittings, Boalsburg