Letters to the Editor

Honest discussion needed

Funny how this reference from court documents was omitted from the Toll Brothers ad in the CDT on Sunday:

“Payment of $17,023 to the Commonwealth of Virginia shall be made by check, money order, or cashier’s check made out to the ‘Treasurer of Virginia’ including a notation ‘for Virginia Stormwater Management Fund/Toll Brothers Consent Decree’ and Payment of $22,030 to the State of Maryland shall be made by check made out to the ‘Maryland Clean Water Fund.’ ”

Do we really want to read that some funds will be allocated from the Toll Brothers to the Centre County region in a lame attempt to restore our water?

Judge Grine has already vacated the initial approval for high-density student housing in the Commonwealth Court.

A repeated EPA violator, outsiders Toll Brothers should not be developing in our unique community, nor should this development be allowed to threaten our vital and precious water.

When do we gather round the table for an honest discussion encompassing the protection of our natural resources and the direction of development?

Virginia Belser, State College