Letters to the Editor

Choose Clinton

Each one of us bears the sovereignty here which we transact when we vote, thus showing we are not apart somewhere in abstraction but belong to each other morally in the city which is now the uniting world.

This election Donald Trump with his magnetic egotistic spontaneity has espoused those left out of global capitalism. His candidacy has given them a voice.

But he has alienated much of the Republican Party and is opposed by all the Democrats united against him to a man. Thus he will not be able to enact any of his suggested remedies and, in any case, shows little sense of law, history and coalition building to effect any problem.

Hillary Clinton as a more traditional politician has considerable support in Congress to enact the best of Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ programs and to select Supreme Court justices that will overturn the Citizens United decision and make way for a more democratic process and better candidates next time.

I shall vote for her and I ask you to do the same.

John Harris, State College