Letters to the Editor

A despicable candidate

As a Donald Trump supporter, I must respond to the “A Deplorable Candidate” letter of 9/17.

In the third paragraph, the writer characterizes “many” Trump supporters as racist, etc. To be fair and balanced, I choose to characterize “many” Hillary Clinton supporters as lazy, anti-American, ill-informed, socialists, anarchists, lawless and racists.

Paragraph four says Trump rallies are often marked by verbal and physical violence. That’s true. However, the perpetrators of the violence are Clinton and Bernie Sanders fans.

In paragraph five, the writer accuses Trump of a multitude of evils. I will respond to three claims that deserve comment.

First, Trump bankrupted five businesses. So what! Milton Hershey and Henry Ford went bankrupt. At least Trump employs thousands. Clinton sells favors and gives pricey speeches.

Second, Trump lies about taxes and charitable contributions. The writer condemns Trump yet gives Clinton a pass. Clinton perjured herself in congressional hearings and unlawfully destroyed evidence after the issuance of a subpoena.

Third, Trump invited Russia to cyberattack America. This is political spin. Trump facetiously talked about Russia hacking Clinton’s servers to uncover the 30,000 deleted emails. Clinton invited an attack when she set up the servers in the first place.

In paragraph six, the writer claims Trump denigrated our president and the military. I counter with the Syrian red-line, the humiliation of our sailors by the Iranians and North Korea’s recent nuclear test. The president does a great job of denigrating himself and the military.

Finally, If Trump is deplorable, Clinton is despicable.

Terry Kordes, Port Matilda