Letters to the Editor

New low

I didn’t think it was possible, but the CDT has sunk to a journalistic new low with the front-page article “As campaign progresses, young voters sour on Clinton” (CDT Sept. 23). The first sentence reads, “Students all over Penn State agree on this much about Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s slimy,’ said (a student).”

What is this statement based on? Has the reporter done a statistically sound poll of a large number of Penn State students, and found that “all” of them have soured on Clinton? How many students did the reporter interview? After all, it’s possible one could find a Penn State student or two who think the Earth is flat, but I seriously doubt that students “all over” the university agree with something so patently absurd.

Since the reporter was talking to the student, did he follow up with any questions, such as asking the student to give an actual example of sliminess? Or investigate whether the student was just parroting smears with no basis in fact, which he might have heard from the other candidate (who indeed has achieved a sliminess level hitherto unmatched in American political history)?

Or did the reporter even bother to go over to the HUB, like I did Friday afternoon? If he had, he would have seen students enthusiastically signing up folks to support the Clinton campaign, and not looking the least bit sour.

Please, CDT, if you expect people to keep buying subscriptions, get back to some minimal standards of journalism!

Howard Bond, State College