Letters to the Editor

Sending a message

If you are not sure who you will vote for this November, consider this. This is not an election about being a Republican or a Democrat. It is about the message we send when we vote. In this election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offer two very different messages.

A vote for Trump sends a message to our children that being a bully and name-calling is acceptable. That calling women “pigs” and judging them on 10-point scales based on their body shapes is how we should treat wives, daughters and granddaughters; and that attacking people simply because of their religion, handicaps or skin color is the American way. After all, if our presidential candidate is celebrated for such behavior, it must be right for all of us.

But if it is not right for you, and it is not the message you want to send, please consider voting for Hillary Clinton. Her message that we are stronger together, and her years of dedicated public service will help us build a better America. It is a positive message for our children, for us, and for the world.

America has always been a symbol of what is best about humanity. Our freedoms and wonderful way of life continues, in part, because of our embracing people from all backgrounds and beliefs. Now is the time to send a message that we continue to support those beliefs. I urge each of you to vote with that message in mind.

Hodge Barton, State College