Letters to the Editor

A message to the undecided

Dear undecided voter,

You haven’t made up your mind, and that’s OK. Depending on when this letter is delivered to you, there are fewer days left in the 2016 campaign than you think. Candidates will debate, volunteers will hound you to register, and you’ll still be left wondering whether to vote him or her. I have yet to reach full adulthood — if adulthood is defined by homeownership, taxes and facing the perils of in-laws during the holidays. But, please know that your vote counts —big time.

I have asked hundreds of millennials if they’re planning on voting this November. Typically, I get a resounding, “yes.” Then, it’s “who are you voting for?” Part two of the question consistently leads to trepidatious responses like “Uh,” “I don’t know” or “I don’t like either of them.” Here’s a scenario: It’s Tuesday, Nov. 8. You draw back the curtain to a little white booth. There’s nothing but you, a ballot, and a choice. And, your choice counts — big time.

After avoiding the third-party option — nobody wants a Nader-repeat with Mr. Aleppo taking Florida — there are two conscience-based nominees; one is right, one is wrong. The wrong one defames femininity, and the right one embraces diversity. The wrong one mocks disability, while the right one advocates equal prosperity. The wrong one devalues partnership, and the right one embraces human togetherness. Breathe. It’s your job to determine the identity behind the right personality.

You’re powerful. You’re significant. You’re valued — big time.

Benjamin Dennis, State College