Letters to the Editor

Issues haven’t been forgotten

On Sept. 12, I was proud to be a member of the group that the Social Action Committee of the Unitarian Fellowship sent to Harrisburg to join the ecumenical event “Moral Monday,” where, as in other 24 other states, we urged our legislators to pass bills supporting these issues. These bills have been held, and they hope we forget about them. We reminded them that we do not forget.

What we asked:

▪  A raise in the minimum wage to $15 per hour so that people working full time do not need public or private assistance to support their families

▪  Immigration reform, to abolish the large pool of cheap labor that can be abused and cheated because they cannot complain.

▪  Clean air legislation and phasing out of fossil fuels. It is not true that poor people do not care about the environment.

▪  Education funding, because we all need well educated people. And how often the same people who object that money is spent on education later complain that they cannot find qualified workers?

▪  End death by incarceration. At one time it seemed a good idea to lock up teenagers for life. Well, it isn’t. It is cruel and needless.

We asked for these things and presented them to Gov. Tom Wolf, who showed himself in agreement with them. Now it is time for our legislators to vote according to morality and in support of families.

Adriana I. Pena, State College