Letters to the Editor

Not news

On Sept. 23 the CDT dedicated its most valuable real estate, front page, above the fold, to an article that was a biased, poorly supported slam on Hillary Clinton thinly disguised as the area’s most important news of the day.

The writer spoke with 30 young voters in the state of Pennsylvania, ostensibly post high school students, and based on these interviews concluded that “students all over Penn State agree on this much,” and he quoted one student’s pejorative description of Hillary Clinton.

The headline says “Young voters sour on Clinton.” Note to writer, there are more than 40,000 students at Penn State, University Park. I can say conclusively they do not all agree with your premise.

Your statewide discussion with 30 individuals carries no weight. As I registered voters last week, several students checked the Republican box but volunteered they would be voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Not until the reader reached the middle of Page 4A did the writer mention Trump, the ambivalence millennial voters feel about his candidacy, the impact of third-party candidates, and apathy. Dispersed throughout the article were the author’s viewpoints.

How did this ever warrant front page coverage? This was not journalism. It was not news. It was an opinion piece that belonged on the editorial page. Readers from the Centre Region deserve better.

Patricia Wild, Port Matilda