Letters to the Editor

Vote for experience, caring

My candidate has worked for women and their children her entire adult life, beginning as a domestic abuse lawyer. As first lady, she gave us the children’s health CHIP program proving Hillary Clinton can work with a difficult Congress.

Clinton will give us early preschool for 4-year-olds, financial support for child care, a living wage to child care workers, doubling our investment in Head Start, expanding home pregnancy visitations, providing help to college student parents who need child care scholarships and increase funding for college campus child care.

Clinton’s first 100 days jobs plan will put the USA on the path to being a clean, renewable energy superpower with 500 million residential solar panels within 10 years. Clinton will create debt-free college, create incentives for business profit-sharing with U.S. workers and keep jobs in America. Wall Street/the wealthy/corporations will pay their fair share in taxes and relieve the burden on the middle class to fund public programs that benefit all. Clinton believes in the “Buffett Rule,” the basic idea that no household making more than $1 million annually should pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than middle-class families.

Clinton will fight for equal pay and guaranteed paid leave.

Clinton herself is renewable energy; a person of broad life experience with an inner resource of strength and determination.

Sadly, her opponent is an insecure, unprepared spoiled little rich boy.

I will vote for Clinton’s experience, caring and drive to care for and protect all Americans.

Nancy F. Parks, Aaronsburg