Letters to the Editor

Bold, independent thinking

This administration’s nihilistic anti-American mindset policies and rhetoric has further brought about America’s economic and moral decline. President Barack Obama exhibits blatant disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. Obama is antithesis to God, family and country. Obama divides. It’s what he does. Hillary Clinton will further this agenda.

Conceit, deceit and failure define Clinton. She classifies people by race, gender and lifestyle. It’s what she does. For Benghazi, Clinton should have been stripped of her position, for her email crimes, Clinton should be (in) prison. Clinton has a proven record.

America is truly a nation of diverse ethnics, races and faiths. It is who we are. America welcomes legal immigrants, with assimilation. Key word: assimilate. Unprotected borders endanger all Americans. Flooding our country with masses of illegal immigrants falls squarely on Obama, Clinton and Congress.

Donald Trump is intelligent, resourceful, resilient, creative and capable. Trump is a flawed but accomplished man willing to take on the tremendous task of being our next president and commander in chief. Trump’s personality is straightforward, his temperament extraordinaire and his stance on U.S. immigration exceptional. He will protect our constitutional rights, by nominating upright judges. He will safeguard our borders. He will champion all people. Trump will create jobs. It’s what he does.

America needs authentic, bold, independent thinking in leadership, guidance, encouragement and dedication to liberty, hard work, family and principles. Trump is the American dream. Trump has a proven record.

We, the people, the silent majority, the deplorable must act and vote Trump.

Katie Biega, Pine Grove Mills